About Us

Our Mission

ABA Aquatics gives you, our valued clients, this commitment to provide the highest standard of service, punctuality and care possible in cleaning and maintaining your pool and equipment.

Our Values

ABA Aquatics believes that your pool should be a showcase for your home and a source of pride in your achievements. We support this with fast and highly effective maintenance.

Our Solution

We guarantee to use the latest equipment and methods, including our amazing Palintest Pooltest9 to give you the cleanest pool with the least chemicals for a hygeinic result.

peymanHi, my name is Peyman and I own ABA Aquatics.

We have been cleaning and maintaining pools in Sydney for 5 years. All of our team are qualified and experienced. I hold a Certificate in Pool Operations and Supervision from NSW TAFE College, Sutherland.

We understand that your pool is a source of pride for you and the way we clean and maintain your pool is a source of pride for us. 

We use the latest electronic testing equipment to ensure that the levls of chemicals in your pool as as comfortable for you as possible while ensuring complete cleanliness and hygiene is available to you and your guests.

Our appointment are kept because we know you make plans around the time your pool is being cleaned and maintained. Your convenience is important to us!

Our services cover pool cleaning and also pool maintenance, including painting and waterproofing.



ABA Aquatics