Our Difference

palintest9Our point of difference is the quality and professionalism we offer.

Our team are all fully trained and experienced. We even dress appropriately so all your staff, guests and neighbours understand that "we are the pool guys".

We do not just use litmus to test your pool or spa, we have invested in the latest electronic testing equipment from the UK.

The Pooltest 9 Premier delivers accurate and swift testing for all types of pools, hot tubs and spas.

Wherever your pool or spa is located, the Pooltest 9 Premier provides mobile, accurate and fast testing, ensuring the safety and comfort of the owner and their guests are protected.

Additional testing capability improves the control of key parameters such as Water Balance, all in an intuitive and accurate photometer.

Why pay the same cleaning fee to receive a lower standard of testing and dosing when ABA Aquatics can give you the best possible balance between hygiene and comfort?